There is no denying the positive impact the late comedian\actor Robin Williams had on our world.

If ever you looked deeper into his comedy, you would find a person who was deeply empathic and just wanted to ease the pain of others.

His comedy skit on Big Pharma, Fukitol, sure did take on a life of its own.

For each of us, the word can have its own meaning. As it should. 

At some point we all find ourselves in time/place in life when the word “Fukitol” takes on real meaning.

Maybe a catalyst for change, a call of surrender to fate, a battle call to our own revolution, or a grasping of the hand of mother nature. 

It’s an arrival at a place of “less control” and more “being” in a place of acceptance and peace.” It is a moment of clarity to feel fully alive. 

We choose to take this amazing word and marry it with a placebo to validate the power of our own minds, to change, heal, embrace, and evolve.