How do I take Fukitol?

Placebos have shown to be most effective when worked into a daily routine. For example: Take one pill daily during a time when you are visualizing healing, change, or improvement. 

How does Fukitol work?

Current research is showing that placebos work by tapping into societal expectation (taking a pill makes me feel better) and rewriting the story you are telling yourself and thereby changing your perspective. Placebos have been proven to create stronger mind-body connections, but they are not a replacement for medical treatment. 

What is a Placebo Pill?

A Placebo Pill  is a non-pharmaceutical, inert capsule. 

What is the Placebo Effect?

The placebo effect is defined as a phenomenon in which some people experience a benefit after the administration of an inactive "look-alike" substance or treatment (source: How the Placebo Effect Works in Psychology, Jan 13 2020, Kendra Cherry). 

The Placebo effect encompasses more than just a pill. It is a combination of the social context, the ritual, the meaning ascribed, expectation, the story we tell ourselves, the perceived care, and the lens to which we see ourselves and our world.

Is this all in my mind? A Trick? 

Yes, and it’s real. “The placebo response is something we learn via cause and effect. When we take an active drug, we often feel better. That is a memory we revisit and recreate when taking a placebo” (Source: The weird power of the placebo effect, explained. Yes the placebo effect is all in your mind. And it’s real. Brian Resnick

A Placebo is Pavlov’s Dinner Bell

Remember learning about Pavlov’s dog? Everytime the dog was fed a bell rang. Very soon, everytime the dog heard the bell he began to salivate, even in the absence of food. The bell began, triggering an expectation of food, his body got ready to eat. 

Like Pavlov’s dog, our brains have learned to associate taking a pill with healing. We start to produce chemicals that kick-start the relief as soon as the pill bottle is in sight. 

Mindfully using a placebo can activate our own brain to set in motion a healing process, a lifestyle change, or set an intention towards a goal.  

Does Fukitol replace any medications I’m currently taking.

No. Always follow the advice from your doctor. Fukitol is a  non-pharmacological mechanism and not to be used in place of, or same-as a pharmaceutical drug. 

Is Fukitol just a sugar pill?

No Sugar. Fukitol is a Pure, authentic placebo pill Historically, sugar has often been used as a filler for placebos (sugar-pills). However, sugar is somewhat of an active ingredient and can have an impact on some people.

Fillers in pure placebo capsules, such as those in Fukitol, are inert—they pass through the body without much interaction.

Why Authentic?

Authentic, open or honest placebos are a new concept. A person who mindfully takes an authentic placebo pill knows it only contains inert ingredients. There is no deceit involved.


What is in the capsules?

We use an inert filler called microcrystalline cellulose (MCC). MCC is pure, natural fiber. All ingredients are sourced from and processed by certified manufacturers in the USA.

Why is it called Fukitol?

There is no denying the positive impact the late comedian\actor Robin Williams had on our world. If ever you looked deeper into his comedy, you would find a person who was deeply empathic and just wanted to ease the pain of others. His comedy skit on Big Pharma, Fukitol, sure did take on a life of its own. For each of us, the word can have its own meaning. As it should. 

At some point we all find ourselves in time/place in life when the word “Fukitol” takes on real meaning. Maybe a catalyst for change, a call of surrender to fate, a battle call to our own revolution, or a grasping of the hand of mother nature. 

It’s an arrival at a place of “less control” and more “being” in a place of acceptance and peace.” It is a moment of clarity to feel fully alive. 

We choose to take this amazing word and marry it with a placebo to validate the power of our own minds, to change, heal, embrace, and evolve.