Have you reach your place of "done" yet? Fed up? Sick of the way things are?

That's our story. Maybe it is your story too.
There was a definite feeling of being trapped, with no way to change the situation.
The cast of people always remained the same. Same backdrop, same drama. Day in, day out.

There was only one choice left: revolt and evolve.
Wanna know what happened next? Change happened. By letting go;
by being completely done and fed up, a space was created. The mind became free to envision a new reality.
An evolution - a new beginning.

We let go of trying to change, fix, explain, fight.
We revolted against our old story. We turned inward, to ourselves.
Respect was cultivated like a seed.
We began to anchor ourselves in thoughts that we're nourishing, like a daily supplement.

Eventually, all that was, seemed to fade to incorporate a placebo, the power of our own mind.
The placebo was the action that brought about our own personal revolution.
Letting go of past stories, allowing your own mind to build your new reality, it is possible.

Embrace your personal revolution.
Unleash your mind and feel alive.

Efficacy Labs