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Our Story
Parody Miracle Wonder Pill

We have had great support over the years.  Robin Williams highlighted FUKITOL  "Live On Broadway", as well as in a couple other appearances.  National Lampoons has done an ad, highlighting the drug.  BBC did a story on FUKITOL being one of the most viral brands on the Internet.   FUKITOL one way or another has touched people.  The effect this parody has on people is amazing and we want to increase its reach...Read more

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Robin Williams highlights FUKITOL 
"Live On Broadway"

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"Life's so crappy sometimes. I have a guy that I like but he doesn't like me and everyone thinks we are going out. I felt like crying all the time until I started taking FUKITOL, now the whole situation makes me laugh uncontrollably."

"Fukitol brought me personal freedom. I was trapped by work, immobilized by personal relationships and held hostage by outrageously high personal expectations. FUKITOL provide the desperately needed escape from all of this so that I could take control of my life and where it may take me."
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We aim to take this pill parody and spin it to be a positive lifestyle
movement. We showcase people that live the lifestyle created by taking FUKITOL. We will provide the secrets to a miracle life, by keeping it simple.

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